Cheuk Wan Chi (aka g••) is a prolific creative from Hong Kong. 


She started her creative career when she was 13 years old as a radio presenter. Her publications makes her one of the best-selling authors with a top-3 best-seller benchmark. She is the first Hong Kong comedienne who held stand-up solo shows in Hong Kong big arena, whose shows are shown on Netflix worldwide and performed in Udderbelly Edinburgh Festival. By using a great variety of mediums, her work is well-known for a magnificent penetrating power in metropolitan middle class and youths. Her public persona is highly associated with culture & trend, and being perceived as one of the most influential opinion leaders in Hong Kong.

She studied in London Goldsmiths University, majored in Fine Arts and dropped out.


Radio show presenter

Commercial Radio Hong Kong FM903 (1992-2008)

Director - Film

Heroes In Love (2001)

Kick Ass Girls (2013)

Temporary Family (2014)


Director - Featurette and Commercial

After (2006)        Client: Nike Producer

Homo Sapiens (2007) Client: Hong Kong Art Festival

Lost & found (2007) Client: BMA records

Love Series (2009)  Client: Citibank

Wrong Dial (2011)   Client: Li Ka Shing foundation

One Minute (2011)   Client: Li Ka Shing foundation

Protagonist (2015)  Client: IFVA


Screenplay Writer

Cross Harbour Tunnel (1999)

Merry-Go-Round (2002)

20 30 40 (2004)

The Exodus (2007)
Temporary Family (2014)


Stand Up Comedian

Life and Death (2011)

Dislike (2012)

HaHaSiu (2013)

Call For A Drink (2015)

You Look Single (2015)——*as seen on Netflix

Come Rain Or Come Shine (2016)——*as seen on Netflix

Beautiful Lie (2018)

Beautiful Lie: Honeymoon Deal (2019)

Sound Of Silence (2021)



2000   Live As A Whole Package (生活全套)  

2001   Well Well (生活好好過)

2001   Infinite Future (勁有前途)  

2001   Flushed (難得面紅)

2002   Lovable, Still (還可愛)

2003   The Missionary Position (男上女下:與林海峰合著) (Co-author: Jan Lamb)

2007   Enemy of Kong Qiu (孔子的敵人)

2007   Dodgy (是有點狡猾)

2008   What's Apple In English? (蘋果的中文是甚麼?)

2008   War of Low Cut Dresses (低胸裙戰爭) 

2008   Exposed (走光再走光)

2009   Push (推推推推推推推)

2010   I Can't Live (If Living Is Without YOU?!?) (愛是永恆(當所愛是你?!?))

2010   Your Heart Is Not Public Toilet (你的心不是公廁)

2010   Adventures of Cheuk Wan Chi in London: Coldest winter (卓韻芝奇遇記 — 最冷的冬天)  

2010   Adventures of Cheuk Wan Chi in London: Hottest summer (卓韻芝奇遇記 — 最熱的夏天)  

2011   Who Get Chance And Who Doesn't (誰有下次 誰沒有下次?)

2011   Adventures of Cheuk Wan Chi in Europe: In Betweenness (卓韻芝奇遇記 ─ 忽冷忽熱)

2011   Adventures of Cheuk Wan Chi Box-set (卓韻芝奇遇記 ─ 盒裝)

2012   Live Like Lovers (活得像戀人)

2012   Granny's Epigram Of the Day (今日阿婆金句)

2013   Admit Your Love (承認你的愛)

2013   Commercial Smile (商業笑容)

2014   Fables of A Director(導演的13個寓言)

2014   Granny's Epigram Of the Day 2 (今日阿婆金句 II)

2015   N-Girl Guide (N-girl 養成術)

2015   Overnight Ink (宿墨傷筆)

2016   The Necessity of Travel (旅行之必要)

2018   Maybe This Road (峰迴路轉)


Award and Nomination


Heroes In Love (2001)

Stockholm International Film Festival Bronze horse: Best film (Competition)


Merry-Go-Round (2002)

HKFCS Award Best Screenplay (Won)

Golden Horse Awards Best Adopted Screen Screenplay (Nominated)

Hong Kong Film Awards Best Screen Screenplay (Nominated)



Golden Bauhinia Best Screenplay (Nominated)


Wrong Dial (2011)

IFVA Open Category Silver Awards (Won)



What's apple in English?        HKPTU Best Ten Books 2009

Your Heart is not Public Toilet HKPTU Best Ten Books 2011

Granny's Quotes                 HKPTU Best Ten Books 2013

The Necessity of Travel         Hong Kong Golden Book Awards 2016

The Necessity of Travel         The 29th Hong Kong Print Awards 2017